Who is working on the Campus Master Plan Update?

    The Campus Master Plan Update for the St. John's and Signal Hill campuses is being undertaken by a team of consultants under the direction of staff from Memorial University. The firm Brook McIlroy is leading a team of sub consultants, with collective experience in urban planning, urban design, architecture, landscape architecture, Indigenous placemaking, transportation, campus wayfinding, and space analysis.

    What Memorial sites will the Campus Master Plan consider?

    The Campus Master Plan Update will focus on the St. John’s and Signal Hill campuses, with consideration for the Ocean Sciences Centre site. The university created Campus Master Plans in 2015 for both the Marine Institute and Grenfell Campus.

    How will the University use the updated Campus Master Plan?

    The updated Campus Master Plan will provide a comprehensive urban design and planning framework that will be used by the university to drive development decisions for the campuses for the next 10 years and possibly beyond. It will be used by the university to identify and prioritize capital projects. The Master Plan will also include urban design guidelines that will provide urban design recommendations to inform the design of buildings, open spaces, and the public realm.

    What types of consultation will be undertaken during this project?

    Key stakeholders and the university community will be engaged at important milestones throughout the project. Current and future consultation efforts include digital consultation on this website, stakeholder meetings, and focused Indigenous engagement. Check back to this website as the project continues.

    Why should I participate in the process?

    As members of the Memorial University community, you are the experts on the campus, and we want to hear from you! Your experiences and opinions are vital to the process. Your participation will assist us in understanding your vision for the St. John's and Signal Hill campuses for the next 10 years and beyond, and will inform the land uses, amenities, and design of the campus, including buildings, open spaces, connections, and the public realm.

    How has COVID-19 impacted the Campus Master Plan?

    COVID-19 has impacted the project timeline and has resulted in a revised consultation program for the Campus Master Plan project. The project originally included in-person consultation sessions, but due to COVID-19 we are currently undertaking only digital consultation methods. Information on how COVID-19 will influence the document itself is not yet known.